"What floor do you live on?" House Box


This small hand fabricated building is an expression of city living. Living in a condominium in Toronto, I am surrounded by tall boxes that are divided horizontally into floors and then are further divided into living quarters. Us city dwellers are busy doing things like running the household, working to make money, exercising and taking the dog out. Downtown Toronto there are many, many dogs. Our dogs are often our liaisons to humans. They greet one another in the park and through this interaction, us humans start talking and neighbours get to meet each other.

The building measures 53mm tall by 21mm wide by 24mm deep and is made from sterling silver and weighs approximately 35 grams. Gold foil was applied using the traditional technique of keum-boo to accent the door and top window. Behind the building is little dog waiting for its friend. The roof hinges open and the finish is oxidized and a bit weathered like our homes. 

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