Handmade Jewellery in Oxidized Sterling Silver

Handmade Jewellery

Handmade Jewellery Oxidized in Sterling Silver


Inspired by organic patterns, this selection of everyday jewellery is handmade from sterling silver. Some items like the mixed metal ring have rose gold pebble accents and all earrings, rings and pendants have a background texture. I first roller print the pattern and texture. I then cut out the shape, clean it up and the dome or curve it. When the fabrication is finished, I oxidized the jewellery piece and that is what accentuates the texture.

Roller Printed Jewelry

Roller Printed Jewelry


The main pendant seen here and the triad earrings have shapes that are inspired by daylily pods and patterns that represent the seeds they hold.

Daylily seeds and sketches, jewellery design

Daylily seeds with sketches,

The asymmetrical egg earrings along with the matching ring have a pattern of irregular spots. My inspiration for these spots were quail eggs, I especially like how the spots are often clustered together.

The petal earrings and adjustable cuff ring have a more classical design inspired by orchid flowers.