About the Jewellery

Hand Fabricated Jewellery

I use various techniques to create my hand fabricated jewellery. Some of the techniques that can be used are filing, soldering, fusing, keum-boo, chasing and repoussé and gem setting. I also sometimes use a hydraulic press to dome sheets of metal. Some of the finishes I use are high polished, matte or oxidized.

By their nature, handmade items will slightly vary from one piece to another. Oxidized jewellery will lighten over time, particularly on high areas where friction occurs. Please do not try to clean the oxidized areas as this may remove the finish.

3D Printed Jewellery

I design and create the digital files for my 3D printed jewellery and then have them printed. Once I receive my pieces from the printer, I will complete the pieces as required by adding findings like ear wires or chains. Creating jewellery digitally allows me to use non-traditional materials like nylon and bronze-infused stainless steel. Nylon is very lightweight and a wonderful material for earrings.

Jewellery Care

It is important to keep your jewellery away from chemicals such as perfumes and avoid getting it wet. It should be stored individually, away from humidity, in a container like a plastic bag with a zip closure. Do not place heavy objects on top of the jewellery.

My sterling silver and gold jewellery can be cleaned by lightly rubbing it with a paste made of baking soda, soap and a bit of water. Do not try to clean the oxidized areas as this may remove the finish. The items should then be rinsed and dried thoroughly before storage.