Botanical Jewelry, cherry blossom necklace
botanical jewellery
birds and their surroundings
handmade animal necklaces including rabbits, foxes and badgers
hand sculpted sterling silver necklaces
Handmade necklaces, sterling silver, gold
pendants and necklaces, from delicate to bold
studs, drops and long dangle earrings
Rings, sterling silver and gold
nature-inspired rings

Handmade and Nature-Inspired

"The desire to keep nature’s mementos close at hand and capture that grounding feeling is the driving force behind my work. It is reflected in my hand fabricated sterling silver jewellery as well as in my 3D printed pieces."

Toronto designer and maker Andrée Chénier creates jewellery inspired by nature's patterns, textures and shapes from sterling silver, gold and contemporary materials. 

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